Digit is a platform that analyzes the spending of their users and makes recommendations on how they can save. Digit takes the stress out of saving and planning for the future.

Improving customer acquisition for Digit


Once people give Digit a try, they’re hooked. But we needed to find the right people, who were willing to try Digit, so they could experience it for themselves. We worked with Digit to figure out the right part of the customer journey to target their audience and developed compelling creative that drove trial and acquisition.


The results of an audit showed that Facebook and Instagram had the right customers that Digit wanted to talk to. So we focused in developing an approach to use these channels to convince them of the benefits of Digit.

  • Create

    The data showed that Digit’s benefits were best communicated over video. So we got to work developing a video-based creative strategy that we executed across Facebook and Instagram.

  • Calibrate

    We implemented a regular reporting schedule to analyze all creative in market. We wanted to know how it was performing, how the budgets were being used, and where improvements could be made - often in real time.

  • Convert

    Our ability to test and learn allowed us to hone in on insights that we took advantage of: people genuinely wanted to save, but they didn’t feel like they had visibility into their savings. We optimized creative to address that, which turned the curious into customers.

Services offered

Reporting Automation

Facebook paid advertising


Instagram paid advertising

Creative Strategy

Creative Strategy and Execution

Media Strategy

Video production


Reporting and business intelligence

Paid Social

Media buying

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