Drop rewards customers by shopping at stores they already love. Through their everyday spending, customers redeem cash back rewards without any extra loyalty cards or programs.

Improving customer acquisition for Digit


We first met Drop when they were a small company with big ideas. Our team knew what it was like to start a business from scratch, so we were right there helping them figure out the most effective way to grow their customer base. Every dollar counted and speed to market was important.


We grew with Drop as they scaled. We started by managing their paid media, reducing the workload for their team. In doing that we could start analyzing what was performing, implementing creative recommendations that increased acquisition and reduced costs. As Drop grew, we grew with them – using our insights to help advise on more and more the customer journey.

  • Create

    Since we had an end-to-end view of Drop’s customer journey, we were in a position to develop creative we knew would be effective. We used paid social, video, and content from influencers to connect with users.

  • Calibrate

    We created dashboards and custom reporting to drive our optimization and bid management strategies across channels. This allowed us to focus on the highest value customers, while reducing our costs to acquire them.

  • Convert

    Our efforts didn’t just acquire customers, it acquired the right customers. We converted people that were more engaged and more active - growing Drop’s base in a sustainable and profitable way.

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