Paid Acquisition Sprint

Discover opportunities to improve your e-commerce campaign ROI with a two week deep dive.

paid acquisition

You guys are in the top 1% of all advertisers on Facebook.

Facebook Agency Partner Rep

Your reporting alone save me 25 hours per week.

Puja Patel Rios, Cora

paid acquisition
paid acquisition

Great brands trust us

These problems are a thing of the past

Growth Matters

Advertising platforms are continuously changing.

Growth Matters

Need for significant investment in data analysis for optimal strategy.

Data Driven

Lack of insight into what creatives work and why.

Growth Matters

Growth talent that understands my business is hard to find and access.

Our approach brings clarity to your acquisition efforts

Growth Matters

Growth matters

Each data point we analyze will enable you to make actionable adjustments to optimize customer acquisition.

Growth Matters

Anything but generic

We don’t give you generic best practices, you can Google those. We tailor everything to your business based on the data.

Growth Matters

You don’t have all day

Time is money. We use our in-house tools and processes to arrive at an actionable plan in a defined timeframe.

Growth Matters

Enable consensus

Our approach involves you and your team. It’s important that we’re on the same page and understand your learnings.

Focused on the most impactul levers for campaign success


  • Uncover top performing messaging and creative assets.
  • Discover opportunities to optimize creative through personalization and testing.
  • Creative framework for future executions tailored to your data.


  • Campaign structure optimizations.
  • Data backed budget recommendations.
  • Audience and creative mix opportunities.


  • Landing page and funnel review.
  • Key lever projections.
  • KPI review and testing plan.

Data-driven insights that your team can action

Where should we send your sample analysis and action plan?


You can make strides without long commitments or complicated contracts. We have two ways to help your brand grow.


Designed to give you the most critical recommendations within a key customer acquisition channel in order to improve performance. You’ll understand the priority and effort to execute effectively.

  • Data integrity check and recommendations
  • Deep performance marketing analysis for one channel
  • Success projections and scenarios to gauge execution progress
  • Creative and Calibration insights highlighting actionable optimizations


Expands on the basics, by going deeper into Conversion and creating an automated acquisition dashboard. When this work is done, you’ll have detailed recommendations across each area of your paid acquisition funnel and understand exactly what’s needed to implement them.

  • Data integrity check and recommendations
  • Automated performance marketing dashboard for one channel
  • Success projections and scenarios to gauge execution progress
  • Creative and Calibration insights highlighting actionable optimizations
Trust Us, It Works

Trust us, it works

If we don’t identify an actionable strategy that enables our work to pay for itself, we’ll refund you.

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Ensure you're tracking the right customer behavior and using it to improve lifetime value.

Creative Sprint

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High quality, conversion focused Facebook and Instagram video ad creatives.


No, for Sprints we work with budgets of all sizes. If you have minimal ad spend, this can help solidify your strategy for sustainable and scalable acquisition.

We manage roughly $1 million monthly in ad spend across platforms and are a Facebook Marketing Partner. If you’re not confident in the results of the Sprint, we’ll happily refund you 🙂

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After payment is submitted, we will share a terms of service agreement via DocuSign which covers confidentiality.

Of course! We can format the deliverables with your branding if required.

  1. Submit your order using the purchase option on the page.

  2. You’ll receive a terms of service agreement via DocuSign.

  3. Once the agreement is completed, you will receive a link to book your kick-off call with our team where we will access the ads and analytics accounts.